Le Printemps by Émile Vernon
Le Printemps by Émile Vernon

Le Printemps

Le Printemps c1913 by French Painter Émile Vernon (1872 – 1919); who specialized in painting watercolors, with his main subject being women and children in bright and colorful rural settings. He trained under William Bouguereau and Auguste Trouphème in the School of Fine Arts in Paris France.

A beautiful enchanting portrait of a young lady wearing a scarf over her hair, a white linen dress, and a red and white shawl draped over her right shoulder down around her back.

She is leaning with her right arm, on a stone column in a garden with an abundance of green, white and pink flowered trees in the background.

In her left arm she is holding red and red & white roses that she is holding across her chest.

She is adorned with white pearl earrings, white pearl necklace a gold bracelet on her right hand and an emerald band on her left arm as well as a gold gemstone ring on the middle finger of her left hand.

Le Printemps is a retouched digital art old masters reproduction of a public domain image.

Le Printemps Painting Retouch Video

Le Printemps Painting Retouch Video

Info Below From Galerie Ary Jan

Émile Vernon was a student at the Fine Arts school in Tours where he won the first prize for drawing in 1888; afterwards he was then mentored by William Bouguereau and Auguste Truphème.

Then in 1898 he participated in the Tours exhibition of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts and later that year, in the French Artists Exhibition and regularly exhibited hie work there from 1898 to 1913; presenting portraits, landscapes, scenes from Brittany, still life bouquets that he painted in watercolor, as well as feminine figures, which later became is specialty.

Émile excelled in his paintings of softly lighted, adorable figures of children and elegant young women, with whom he often associated a pet such as a cat, dog or bird, and adorned his images with garlands or bouquets of flowers, throughout his career; but he was also a very versatile artist that could paint with rigor and power as in his works the portrait of Madame Vernon and Sous la Lampe (Under the lamp).

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