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Beyond Space & Time Fractal Art II Spacescape
Beyond Space & Time Fractal Art II Spacescape

Beyond Space & Time is a sci-fi fractal spacescape artwork piece depicting a space ship flying past two planetary bodies and on towards a massive nebula cluster that transition between space, time and alternate universes.

This is science fiction pieces with multiple nebula clusters of green, blue, red and orange as the main colors with blue and white stars clusters spread through and around the nebula’s; with a few white and yellow suns scattered across the top of the artwork.

To the right of the nebula cluster is a bright yellow orange sun with a perimeter star flare and plasma glow that illuminates a large red orange planet just to its right and a dark moon to the left that orbits the planet.

In the mist of this a large gaseous cloud that engulfs both planetary bodies; while a space ship comes into the scene, just between the moon and planet on its way toward the nebula cluster to investigate the anomaly that is occurring Beyond Space Time.

Though Beyond Space & Time appears to be a complex piece it is only composed of 128 layers of which 35 are fractal elements (the other layers are used for masking, hue and saturation as well as brightness and contrast adjustments) created with the Fractron 9000 fractal generator and assembled and post processed using the Photo Elements 7 Image Editor

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