Thera The Ethereal Queen Fractal Art Composition
Thera The Ethereal Queen Fractal Art Composition

Thera The Ethereal Queen Is a Stripped Out Version Of The Previous Piece “Thera Queen Of The Galaxy” In Which I Removed All The Structural Details, Planets, Ships And Nebula’s.

I Replaced These With A Additional Cloud Fractals That Form A Halo Envelope Around The Queen And Around That I Added A Cave Like Green Fractal Enclosure That Tapers Off To A Black Background.

These Changes Give Thera An Ethereal Appearance As If She Is Surrounded By Clouds Of Light As She Emerges From A Place Of Great Power And Mystery.

This Look Is Greatly Helped By The Choice Of Color Scheme Comprising Soft Tans, Reds, Pink, Violet, Blue, White, Green And Gold Which Create A Nice Contrast With Her Aqua Blue Color And Rich Blue Costume.

The Intent Of This Piece Was To Make A Suitable T-Shirt Version Of “Thera Queen Of The Galaxy” Which It Still Will Be; But With The Additional Fractals It Also Makes A Beautiful And Striking Poster Image.

This Image Is Bigger (Measuring 7000×10500 Pixels) Than “Thera Queen Of The Galaxy” (Which Measures 6000×9000 Pixels) Because Of The Of The Large Fractals That Were Used To Create The Surrounding Structure And Cloud Layers.

Thera The Ethereal Queen Fractal Art Composition Is Composed Of 104 Fractal Objects Comprising 48 Fractal Elements With An Additional 135 Layers; Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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