Light Spear - The Cyrineous Probe Fractal Art Composition
Light Spear – The Cyrineous Probe Fractal Art Composition

The Light Spear As It Was Commonly Called But That Was Christened The Cyrineous Probe Was An Achievement That Took Almost A Millennium To Realize.

A Ship Composed Of Molecularized Gold, Platinum And Titanium Capable Of Faster Than Light Travel, With The Ability To Go Right Into The Heart Of A Burning Sun; Demonstrated The Pinnacle Of Technological Development.

With A Propulsion System That Now Allowed For Travel Anywhere In The Galaxy In Just Days And Surrounding Galaxies In Just A Few Months It Was Now Possible For The First Time To Explore Space Unrestricted And To Unlock The Mysteries Of The Universe.

This Development Was The Tail End Of A Long Standing Project Who’s Goal Was To Create Jump Portals Throughout The Universe Which Would Allow For Instantaneous Travel Anywhere It Was Desired.

But Something Went Wrong, And It Went Wrong With Us. For With Such Power We Elevated The View Of Ourselves To That Of All Powerful Beings And As We Went Out Into The Vastness Of Space We Forgot Our Original Intent And Instead Sought To Dominate And Control The Less Advance Species We Encountered.

We Thus Embarked On The Perilous Stage Of Empire Building With Forces Deployed Over Some Ten Thousand Galaxies.

But We Forgot One Very Important Thing, There Is Always A More Powerful Force That Can Exist.

Our Hubris Blinded Us To This Very Simple And Basic Reality And In Time This Oversight Lead To The Downfall Of The Correllian Race…

Light Spear – The Cyrineous Probe, Is Composed Of 108 Fractal Objects Comprising 25 Fractal Elements Created With The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator, Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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