Tyrinan The Horikin God Of War Fractal Art Composition
Tyrinan The Horikin God Of War Fractal Art Composition

Tyrinan, The Horikin God Of War Is Much Like The Gods Of War Of Ancient Earth Mythology Comparable To Ares The Greek God Of War, Horus The Egyptian God Of War And Mars The Roman God Of War; A Symbol Of Prominence And Power Which United The Horikin In Times Of Battle.

Unlike The Mythology Of Ancient Earth Though, It Is Said That Tyrinan And The Two Other Gods That Made Up The God Triad Were Actual Beings Of Immense Power; And That These Beings Would On Occasion Imbue A Horikin With The Power Necessary To Defeat The Enemies Of The Horikin Race.

But With So Many Galactic Battles In A Ten Millennia Span; With So Much Being Destroyed And Rebuilt There Is No Physical Evidence That Such Beings Might Have Existed And Most Researchers Believe Tyrinan To Be Nothing More Than A Myth.

Yet There Are Many Things Which Can Not Be Explained, Like The Battle At Orinison In Which The Horikin Were Out Numbered 1000:1 In Material And Man Power, Yet Were Able To Defeat The Aranikites In A Series Of Decisive Battles That Occurred Over A Period Of Three Weeks.

This Is A Documented Fact As Are Many Other Strange Occurrences That Give Credence To The Legend Of Tyrinan The Horikin God Of War.

Research Is Still On Going And Hopefully In This Long 1000 Year Period Of Piece, We Can Finally Bring All The Facts To The Forefront.

Tyrinan The Horikin God Of war Is A Fractal Art Composition Comprising xx Fractal Objects Created Using yy Fractal Elements Which Were Then Assembled And Post Processed In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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